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You have relieved stress and tension in my shoulder area and hips.  This has helped in my mobility and eased my fatigue.  Before I started treatment I was unsure of the results chiropractors could achieve.  I now truly understand the benefits of chiropractic care and techniques. --Ramona D.

I have less headaches.  The staff is truly caring and concerned about my health.  I feel better knowing I am doing more to take care of myself. --Karla K.

I look forward to everyone’s smiling faces! --Wayne A.

My experience has been great. I cam in with numbness in my foot and now have no numbness. I’m so glad the problem was fixed without an expensive medical bill!! Overall, I also feel much better and will continue care. Dr. Castaneda is great, very warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable. --Chelsea F.

My knee has much less pain. I’m now able to jog and standing all day has not been a problem. It’s nice to not have pain at the end of the workday. --Marcia J.

My daughter has stopped complaining about headaches as much. Your office is very kid friendly and by this being her first ever I was a little skeptical about her being treated by you explained everything to us both and we both instantly became comfortable. --Latrice C.

My headaches have been significantly reduced thanks to Dr. Jessica. I always looked forward to coming in! --Mindy C.

Dr. Jessica and her staff are all very friendly and very informative. She got rid of the numbness in my hand and she has been adjusting my neck and back. --Kim G.

I feel better, maybe a little less stressed and more relaxed.  Pain in neck is gone and other areas are improving. --Rick B.

Having had back problems most of my adult life and having seen other chiropractors, I came to Dr. Jessica fairly skeptical. After completing a “series” of treatments I find that my back is indeed improved with much less pain and greater ease of movement. I will continue treatment periodically to ensure everything stays in line. Thank you! --Jody S.

I was very skeptical about coming to a chiropractor but Dr. Jessica made me feel very comfortable with her and the treatment. I think that helps my progress. I leave here feeling better. --Stacy S.

My experience has been very positive. Dr. Jessica provides very competent care. Her staff is always friendly and helpful.  I appreciate how Dr. Jessica takes the time to explain the way the procedures work on the joints, etc. Getting adjustments can sometimes make a person tense up, but Dr. Jessica is very calming and patient and makes it a relaxing experience. --Julie S.

When I first came in I was a little skeptical. But as treatment went on I was proven wrong and I have since referred a few people to come try it for themselves. --Latrice C.

My son enjoys coming and says he feels better when coming. He is feeling better about being dry some nights and feels good about his bed not being wet every morning.--Stacy M.

I was used to having migraines one to two times a month since I was a teenager. Since starting chiropractic I have only had one migraine in two months. I was also having sinus infections about three to four times a year and so far I have not had any since starting my care here. --Stacy M.

Our experience at Inner Health Chiropractic has been extremely positive. I noticed immediate changes in my son’s sleeping habits and overall digestion.  I love that he feels so comfortable at the office and with Dr. Jessica! I am very grateful for his wonderful chiropractic care! --Kristin R.

I really enjoy coming here. The office environment is professional and calming. The quick service is appreciated and so is the flexible schedule. I appreciate that Dr. Jessica is positive and professional and factual in her diagnosis and treatments. I have been to other chiropractors who are “doom and gloom” and preacher-like or dramatic about their diagnosis and care but Dr. Jessica is not like that and it is appreciated. --Erin R.

Everything is great! Success improvement is hard to measure due to being 28 weeks pregnant. But even as being as pregnant as I am, my back and body feel much better than before treatment! --Kelly W.

My experience was more of an educational one. I wanted to make sure my spine is kept in alignment to prevent future problems. I didn’t have any major symptoms, but wanted to improve my health and do some preventative maintenance. --Linda A.

My chronic back pain is much less since seeking treatment with Dr. Jessica. I feel that the program designed specifically for me has been a great tool in overall health maintenance.

I am very happy with my treatment. --Stacy C.

I have had problems in my back for years and I have never been to a chiropractor before. I can highly recommend Inner Health. My symptoms have improved and overall I feel better. --Timea H.

I enjoyed my visit here. Especially never being to a chiro before. It was a good experience for me and it really helped out my lower back and I would definitely recommend her to other friends and family. --Cybrean H.

Dr. Jessica takes her time doing a thorough adjustment.  She listens to all concerns and tries different things until I feel better.  Very nice and friendly environment. A problem I had been having with my foot is a lot better after only a short time adjusting. --Deb S.

I’m very happy with Inner Health Chiro! Love the personal attention! my daughter loves to come play with the toys, and the care is very personal and professional! After my very first adjustment, I went from 4 or 5 tension headaches a week to zero!! My back and neck are stronger and my pain is almost completely gone. I’m very pleased with the care I get here! Thank you for all your work! --Stefanie V.

I had an extreme discomfort in my neck. Cause was unknown. Would not go away or heal on its own after 3 months. After 3 adjustments in one week, 90% of the discomfort was gone. --Mike M.

Feel better- great people-friendly. --Gary G.

I found the environment very welcoming and everyone very helpful, so I don’t have any suggestions. Maybe have patient appreciation day more often! That was great! -Rachele S.

I came to Dr. Castaneda’s office after a health fair and learning that chiropractic care was more about overall health and how spinal health can affect so many systems in the body.  It’s amazing what taking care of your spine can do. In the spring I always have a sinus cold- not this year! The vertebra adjusted the most for me impact the sinuses. I also sleep better, have less muscle pain due to stress and feel more comfortable overall. I never would have believed the difference before! Chiropractic care has definitely impacted my health. --Megan S.

I have felt I had great improvement in being able to sit and stand for long periods of time. It’s also very nice to hear comments from friends and family that have noticed this improvement. My overall confidence has been greatly improved with treatment as well. I recommend this office to anyone who has mentioned my results. --Amy S.

Sarah is walking better. She is not so clumsy anymore. Dr. Jessica and staff are so nice to us. I like how Dr. Jessica talks to Sarah when she is being adjusted to make Sarah feel better. –Ashley B

I feel overall better when I am walking or standing. I like how the office is so clean and the fact that Dr. Jessica and staff are always nice and they can work with my schedule.–Justin F.

It’s excellent. My low back pain from lifting Lani is reduced. –Kristi B.

You’ve convinced a skeptic. None of the negative preconceptions I’ve heard about chiropractic are true- at least in this office. The care has been effective and the atmosphere is positive and professional. Tracy H.

Dr. Jessica and staff are very friendly and personable. Procedures are explained thoroughly and care is given promptly. –Tonya S.

My daughter has received wonderful care and attention from Dr. Jessica and her staff. I can definitely tell a difference from her chiropractic care. She is a healthier and happier, more content baby. —Jenna L.

I believe that because I came to Dr. Jessica while I was pregnant it really helped with my labor and delivery.  My doctor told me that my baby’s head was way down low and I think it had a lot to do with Dr. Jessica’s care. I would recommend anyone to Dr. Jessica. My back feels much better. –Jessica K.

My daughter loves to come to the chiropractor and it has made a huge difference in her overall comfort and sleep habits. I talk about the benefits that we have seen to anyone complaining about pain or soreness. –Diane H.

I love the friendly, relaxing atmosphere of the office itself and the sincere desire to help patients. I feel more educated about the relationship of spinal health to overall health; and feel good about achieving better health in a natural way. From my first adjustment, I have felt more balanced, relaxed and more flexible. I don’t experience the nagging discomfort that made me want to lie on a hard floor any longer! –Janet P.

Despite being pregnant, I sleep through the night better than I did before I was pregnant. I feel very good despite some recent pelvic discomfort due to my due date getting closer. But the discomfort has improved. My hip hasn’t given out on me since I have been going to the chiropractor. Overall I feel great. –Caithlin K.

Treatments have helped my daughter with her headaches and overall sleeping and relaxing. –Renee T.

I never realized how much chiropractic care could improve the way I feel. –Eileen L.

Everyone was wonderful and I definitely feel better and have a greater understanding of my spine/hips-especially during pregnancy.—Darah H.

My experience has been positive and thank you for helping me feel better. –Chad D.

The range of motion in my neck has improved. The pain I had in my neck is almost completely gone and I am sleeping better. The staff and Dr. Jessica are always pleasant.—Christopher F.

Dr. Jessica is a very nice person.  Whenever I had a concern or something to say she would always listen and she is very kind.  She always had advice to give me. –Denise R.

I have noticed the one on one client, Doctor meetings/relationship really showed Dr. Castaneda doesn’t want to just “send you on your way” but cares enough to want to improve each patient’s health, well-being, and quality of everyday life.  Also being a woman chiropractor, Dr. Castaneda has proved to be strong enough to adjust men/woman of any size without making you nervous of inability! Also, through opening up with professional experiences, she was able to help me confirm my desire and ability to not only become a woman chiropractor but also successful.   First doctor of any type to really address every one of my specific problems, keep moderating them and actually help! Thanks! – Amber R.

Dr, Jessica worked to get me in right after my fall before 12 hours had passed with immediate care. I feel that my symptoms were dramatically reduced.  The follow up care was great. I can not say enough about prompt chiropractic care after a fall. –Nikki K.

I like coming here because I feel way more comfortable with Dr. Jessica and it helps me with my day. –Heaven B.

Although I came in skeptical, I was completely convinced after my first treatment. I noticed improvements in energy, mood and pain, and I woke up the next morning alert and refreshed. It is the best thing I have done for my healthcare/treatment in years and I would recommend it to anyone! –Kristian S.